Saturday 9 June 2012

Interview with the Heroine of Conquering Passion

Heartland's Cindy Busby

Interview with Mabelle de Valtesse, heroine of Conquering Passion
(I visualize Canadian actress Cindy Busby acing the role of Mabelle with no difficulty at all!)

Date: October 1066
Place: Montbryce Castle, Normandy
 We’ve just come from seeing off your betrothed, Ram de Montbryce, as the invasion fleet set sail for England.
They have gone at last? Ram has been impatient to get the expedition underway. It has been difficult for him.

He was very eager to go. Will you miss him?
Of course, but above all Ram is a warrior and very loyal to his Duke. He must do his duty.

Why did you not marry before he left?
Ah, that is a long story. We were supposed to marry weeks ago. In fact I had already dressed in my wedding gown and was on my way to the chapel, but...

Did something happen?
Oui, but I prefer not to discuss it.

Ram mentioned something about you having an unusual upbringing?
He told you that? I did have an unusual childhood. My father is a difficult man. He did something unspeakably cruel to another nobleman. In retaliation we were exiled from our home. We wandered about Normandie for many years.

Does she look like the type to be seen and not heard?
Just you and your father?

Perhaps that’s what your betrothed meant when he intimated that if you became his Countess...
Oui, I’m afraid Ram doesn’t think I am suitably brought up to be his Countess. He believes women should be seen and not heard.

So why did his father choose you?
I sometimes wonder myself, but Count Bernard de Montbryce is a kind man who perhaps sees something in me that Ram does not yet see. I am glad the Count will be here, otherwise I would be very lonely in this big castle with all three Montbryce sons off to war.
Did Ram say he would miss me?

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