Friday 15 June 2012

Celebrity Warriors Visit Remote Welsh Village

Date: Early 12th century   Place: Llanfarran, Wales

We’re honoured to have those well-known patriot warriors, twins Rhun and Rhydderch, sons of the Prince of Powwydd, visiting our little village here in Wales. Tell us about the accident that brought you here.
Rhun: Our brother Rhys and our brother-by-marriage Baudoin de Montbryce tumbled into a deep crevice. We’ve spent most of the day hauling them out.
Rhydderch: It’s thanks to Rhun’s brute strength that we were able to get Rhys out.
Rhun: But it was your idea of the conveyance we used to pull Baudoin up that saved his life.

Were they injured?
Rhydderch: Yes, Rhys has a badly broken leg and ribs, and a sprained ankle. Baudoin is still lying in a stupor.

Baudoin isn’t a Welsh name. It sounds Norman. You’ve spent your lives fighting Normans.
Rhun: We tire of explaining that our sister Carys is married to the Earl of Ellesmere.
Rhydderch: My brother and I never understood why our father, Rhodri, allowed the marriage, though Rhys was in favour. Something he calls strategic alliances.

You must be worried about their injuries?
Rhun: Of course, but it turns out you have a capable bonesetter here. We expected a man, but found an enticing young woman.
Rhydderch: And Glain is the embodiment of her name—a jewel.

Sounds like you’re enamoured of her, Rhydderch.
Rhun: Hah! My brother falls in love easily.
Rhydderch: As if you aren’t in love with her too. I saw the way you looked at her.
Rhun: It’s true I am attracted to Glain, but she’s not for you, Rhydderch.
Rhydderch: What makes you say that?
Rhun: She’s more suited to me.
Rhydderch: I disagree.

Nobles, it wasn’t my intention to start an argument.
Rhun: We never argue. We’re twins.
Rhydderch: We’re always in agreement.
Rhun: We’ve shared everything since we were babes.

But are you willing to share this woman?

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