Monday 13 August 2012

I've Re-Covered!

The transformation process is complete!
Nine months ago when I began my publishing odyssey, I was an unknown author. I did not hold out great expectations for the sale of my stories, so I designed my own covers to save money.
Little did I know that I would garner a loyal following of readers and that several of my books would make it to the top 100 in Amazon’s Romance Series category.
I decided the books had earned professionally designed covers.

The process began with my second series, Sons of Rhodri. I was put in touch with Kate Sterling who designed the beautiful cover for The Winds of the Heavens.

Thrilled with this cover, I asked Kate to do Defiant Passion and Dark and Bright. I think you’ll agree she did a masterful job.

The new covers brought an immediate increase in sales! Buoyed by this, I made the decision to re-cover my first series, The Montbryce Legacy.
This was a larger task since all four books are available in paperback as well as digital, and so I needed more than just fronts.
Since Kate had retired in the interim, I researched different designers and decided to go with Kim Killion of Hot Damn Designs. She has produced a unified “feel” for the series and I am very pleased with the results. Kim and her cohorts, Jennifer and Abby were great to work with, very patient with my idiosyncrasies and ramblings!

Anyone who has trawled the many websites of stock photos knows how time consuming and unfruitful it can be, especially for a writer like myself whose stories are set in the Middle Ages! 
One of the advantages of Kim’s company is that they have stock photos of their own to choose from, all of which are specifically geared to romance stories.

Hope you like the results of their hard work too!