Sunday 16 June 2013

Finding Mr. Right! The Evolution of a Book Cover

When I took the plunge into self publishing and brought out my debut novel, Conquering Passion, I created my own cover. I have only rudimentary skills with Photoshop and therefore it was a basic design.

The book sold very well on Amazon, as did the subsequent books of the same series, The Montbryce Legacy. I came to realize the books needed professionally designed covers that would tie them together as a series. This came to fruition with the help of Kim Killion from Hot Damn Designs.

But, you know how something niggles at the back of your mind when you are with a fellow you just know is not Mr. Right? 
The warrior on the cover of Conquering Passion began to get on my nerves! He was too “bulky”, too “in your face” (though the same model works brilliantly on the cover of The Winds of The Heavens, designed by Kate Sterling). I love this cover so much I use it as my Titter background!

So I began a search for the right man, and I am delighted to tell you I have found the face that best represents my hero, Ram de Montbryce. Ram is important to the series. Conquering Passion is his love story, but he appears in many subsequent books. He is the rock of the family.

So without further ado, I give you the real Ram! Hope you love him as much as I do. I think we will be together for many happy years! Heartfelt thanks to my designer Steven Novak for bringing him to life. Let me know which one you like best. I'll gift a free digital copy to one lucky winner. Remember your email address, substituting at for @ and dot com for .com.


  1. Hi Anna,

    I love all your covers, and the premise of your series. Got to say my favorite cover is The Winds of the Heavens. The mystical quality of not only the images but even the name and the *golden* feel of it all really starts my inner magic swirling. The newest Conquering Passion cover is also dynamite but in a more concrete way. He's hot stuff!

    1. I love The winds of the Heavens too. Makes a great Twitter background! I like your expression "starts my inner magic swirling." The cover has definitely contributed to the success of the book.