Tuesday 17 January 2012

.99 cent Indie Hoopla

I'm excited this week to be participating in a .99 cent Indie Hoopla, organized by Indie Author How-To. Different authors will be featured each day. My day is January 21st.

My book Conquering Passion is available for .99 cents. For an 81,000 word romance, that's terrific value for money.PLUS you could win a $25 gift card from Amazon - details below.

Hope you'll support the authors participating in the Hoopla.

Welcome readers to our first Indie Hoopla event. For eight days, Jan 15 - 22, you'll get introduced to authors every single day who are sharing their worlds and stories for only 99 cents!

Not only will you get awesome reads, but, for each book you purchase, you will be entered for a chance to win a $25.00 Amazon gift card or $10.00 gift card from the Book Depository (international readers).

All you have to do is forward a copy of the receipt(s) for the books purchased to indiehoopla (at) yahoo (dot) com. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, January 24. A master list of all participating authors can be found HERE. Now, let's get this party started!

Book One of The Montbryce Legacy Trilogy, intimate stories of passion, betrayal, ambition, conspiracy, vengeance, and of course love. The Legacy follow the lives of the three Montbryce brothers, Rambaud (Ram), Anthoine and Hugh, Norman noblemen caught up in the Conquest of England in the 11th century. It?s a medieval world far removed from ours, and yet the characters are men and women who struggle with many of the same internal conflicts we face today.Conquering Passion follows Ram?s journey with his beloved Mabelle through the labyrinth of dangers that existed in the aftermath of the Norman Conquest.They struggle to establish a family dynasty. They share passion, but can a warrior like Ram, who demands obedience in a wife, find love with the wilful refugee brought to his bed in an arranged marriage?.

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Jake Preston is on borrowed time. If he doesn?t stumble upon a miracle and soon, he?ll endup dead. And even if he does, he still might end up dead with a clever killer hounding his heels. He believes that the one miracle and antidote to save him is in Margot Davenport?s house, across the country and miles away from Boston. Somewhere locked in her home is the key to reversing an experiment that has rendered him invisible.

Margot doesn?t particularly care if she ends up dead. She?s lost everything she?s ever cared for. A divorce and the loss of her job as a corporate lawyer has left her with little faith in herself or in anyone else. Most importantly, she?s lost the one person on this earth she?s looked up to and cherished?her brother, Johnny. His death in a car accident has devastated her, and she can?t find the willpower to pull herself from the chasm she?s fallen into. Her only solace is at the bottom of a wineglass. Having moved back to the small town in northern Arizona where she was raised, she?s made a point of isolating herself both mentally and physically from everyone other than a few chosen friends. Little does she know that her life is going to explode into chaos.

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