Monday 27 February 2012

Virgin Heroes

I have set myself a task. The next set of romance novels I intend to read will all feature virgin heroes. The list I have already started on is detailed below, but if you have a favourite novel about a virgin hero please leave a comment about your recommendation, including why you like the novel.
Why have I set this goal?
When I was writing The Montbryce Legacy books about the three Montbryce brothers, Rambaud (Ram), Antoine and Hugh, I wanted them to be alike in so many ways—their bravery, their loyalty to country and family, their good looks, height and masculinity. But I wanted them to be different too—who wants to read (or write) about the same kind of hero all the time?
I made Ram the ambitious stubborn chauvinistic war hero; Antoine is the good natured philanderer—he loves women and they love him. So, Hugh—let’s make him a virgin!
Little did I know what I was getting myself into!
Writing about what men feel when they make love is hard enough for a female writer (pardon the pun). Writing about a man’s first time is—scary! And, to be frank, men are not very forthcoming in talking about it (if they even remember!)
I’m a little in love with the character I created in Hugh, and I’m reasonably confident I did a good job of describing his “first time” with Devona. But now I’ve become a bit obsessed about it! Hence, the objective of “studying” how other writers have dealt with this difficult “situation”.

I began with Lion’s Legacy by Suzanne Barclay. Kieran Sutherland’s lack of “experience” is because of a “vow” he has taken not to have sex until he has avenged the death of his father. On the occasion of his first time, his lust and “need” overwhelm him and he makes love rather forcefully to his bride without much thought for her.
By the way, my character, Hugh de Montbryce, has sworn off women (If Love Dares Enough) because he has a deep fear, rooted in his experience at the Battle of Hastings, that violence arouses him, and he is afraid he will harm any woman he makes love to. His pain is intensified when he does fall in love with the Saxon wife of a brutal Norman noble who has already suffered abuse at the hands of her husband.
I’ve included a brief video clip from Eloisa James about one of her virgin heroes.
So, help me out. Recommend books where you think the author has done a wonderful job of portraying a virgin hero and his “first time.” Or let me know if I should skip ahead in my list, or simply skip! Bear in mind I prefer to read historicals!

Lion's Legacy (1996) by Suzanne Barclay, Kieran Sutherland
The Shattered Rose (1996) by Jo Beverley, Galeran of Heywood
My Forever Love (2004) by Marsha Canham, Ciaran Tamberlane
The Marriage Bed (2001) by Claudia Dain, Richard
Great Maria (1974) by Cecelia Holland, Richard d'Alene
Unicorn Vengeance (1995) by Claire Delacroix, Wolfram
Another Chance to Dream (1998) by Lynn Kurland, Rhys de Piaget
Born in Sin (2003) by Kinley MacGregor, Sin MacAllister
Three Dog Knight (1998) by Tori Phillips, Thomas Cavendish, Earl of Thornsbury
In Pursuit of the Green Lion (1990) by Judith Merkle Riley, Gilbert de Vilers
The Lily and the Leopard (1991) by Susan Wiggs, Rand Fitzmac


  1. J. R. Ward's "Lover Awakened." Love it. The hero is Zadist.

  2. Thank you Roxy. Not sure what a Zadist is, but it sounds interesting!

  3. Armand is the virgin hero in Shana Galen's The Making of a Gentleman. His character has been in circumstances that prevented him from forming physical relationships in the past.

  4. Thanks for this Gayle.
    I'll check it out.