Thursday 9 February 2012

Reign On, Your Majesty

As I mentioned yesterday, this week we are also observing the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth. It’s significant for me in several ways. I was born in England and grew up making scrapbooks of newspaper cuttings about the Royal Family. It was just a thing kids did then. My mother made my first scrapbook out of leftover wallpaper! (Not pre-pasted in those bygone days!)
One of my most prized possessions was my Coronation Mug, given to every school age child in Britain.
My mother’s birthday was February 6th. Though she has since passed on there isn’t a February 6th goes by that I don’t think of how miffed she was when mournful music was played all that day in 1952 on BBC radio in England. Just because a king had died!
I was upset too! I had expected to be happily amused by my daily treat of “Listen With Mother”. Anyone else remember? ‘Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.’
Now, I’ve dated myself! But who cares? The Queen is still on the job in her eighties, and I plan to be pursuing my career as an author as long as the stories keep coming. My goal is to become the Queen of Medieval Romance!
BTW did you know Queen Elizabeth is the 32nd great granddaughter of Alfred the Great who ruled from 871 to 899? It was Alfred who invented the military tactic of the shield wall used so effectively by Anglo-Saxons (until King Harold lost the Battle of Hastings, killed by a fluke arrow in the eye). It’s true! My hero, Count Ram de Montbryce was there, and can vouch for it!
Reign on, your Majesty!


  1. When you say the word, "Queen", she's the one I think of. That is a lovely picture of her. She just keeps on going, doesn't she?

  2. I hope I can still be going strong in my eighties! I have a lot of respect for her contributions to the world.