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Welcome Gemma Juliana

Please welcome Gemma Juliana to my blog today.
Thanks for inviting me as your guest, Anna. 
It's a pleasure to have you here. Tell us about yourself.
I've lived in many places, but am now settled in north Texas in a little cottage with my handsome hero, our teenage son and a very magical dog. My older son, his wife and baby live in a neighboring town. Yes, I became a grandma on Halloween… very appropriate, considering my interest in the Otherworld. I wear many hats, from homeschooling mom, to bookkeeper, to jewelry buyer, to astrologer, to home chef, and the list goes on. I love Italian food, loaded potatoes, chocolate and coffee. Did I mention red wine? Am eating healthier now, lots of raw veggies and smoothies. My hubby and I have a breakfast ‘date’ every week at a local diner. I love to travel to ancient sites where magic once shimmered.
My basic criterion for wine is that it has to be red! What genre do you write in and why?
So far I've indie-published the sizzling Sheikhs of the Golden Triangle series. They say, ‘write what you enjoy reading’ so I didn't know where to start because I enjoy so many types of romance. They also say, ‘write series,’ so what I initially intended to be one or two stories currently has three novellas and the fourth coming soon. On a different note, I wrote a non-steamy novella called To Kiss A Leprechaun which is a magical fantasy adventure good for all ages. It even appeals to older kids and YA.
What is your greatest regret concerning your writing career?
I first tried to write a romance when I was pregnant with my first son thirty-one years ago. Back then I submitted it to Silhouette and received a lovely rejection letter telling me to make certain changes and send it back. I was discouraged and decided to do it ‘later’… but before I knew it I had a baby to take care of, we moved to Europe, and I didn’t get back to writing for twenty years. Time flies! Hindsight is 20/20, but knowing what I do now, I believe it would have been easy to get published back then if I had persisted because the letter was so encouraging. The rejection was delightful, nothing like the form rejections you get these days!
Very interesting! If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
I have come to love Texas but I miss the sea. The Gulf of Mexico isn’t enough for me, and I live far from it. I’d like to have a stone home in Ireland (although a castle would do) near the coast, or a vineyard on the Atlantic coast of France, or closer to home, perhaps a farmhouse in Maine… Vancouver also draws me, with both mountains and ocean so close together.
Vancouver is a lovely city. Tell us about your current WIP.
The Sheikh’s Crowning is the story of Rick and Yasmine. Rick is a tough undercover agent who spent several years tracking sex slave smugglers, and Yasmine is a widow whose husband was assassinated soon after their marriage. She’s a princess and Rick’s a restless man who has resisted love and settling down. Can Yasmine risk loving a man who lives a dangerous lifestyle again? Can Rick accept that he’s good enough to satisfy the needs of a princess?
What inspired your latest book?

While writing The Sheikh’s Spy, which is the story of Adnan and Olympia, I knew Olympia’s brother and Adnan’s sister would fall in love. Their voices wanted to be heard and theirs is an unusual love story with a twist.
This series of novellas takes place in a fictitious part of the world – The Golden Triangle. The Amulet is the series Prequel. It introduces the fabled magical sapphire amulet, and exposes the enmity and war that constantly tear the region asunder.
Sounds intriguing! What is your next project and when will it be released?
The Sheikh’s Crowning is my next release and is due in early September 2013. Another story I wrote years ago, The Bridal Gift, is in the editing process and may be ready for October 2013.
Why have you become a published author?
Writing is an inner compulsion. All my life I’ve written down story ideas, and usually at least the first three chapters. One day I made a promise to my muse that I would finish as many of them as deserve an ending, and most of them do. I write because I love writing, love a good story, and enjoy entertaining others. Being an author is also part of my retirement plan. The income stream will help as I get older, and something for me to give my sons when the time comes.
What advice can you offer to anyone deciding to self-publish?
Self-publishing is a joy! Perhaps it’s not for everyone, but for those who enjoy controlling their time and creative work it’s the way to go. I encourage anyone to go indie if they are tired of waiting months or years to hear from editors, only to receive yet another rejection. Time is our most valuable commodity and the only delays you suffer as an indie are due to your own lack of discipline or an occasional glitch with the e-publishing platforms. As an indie author, your career remains firmly in your own hands.
Couldn't agree more. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. If readers want to connect with Gemma:

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  1. I've enjoyed your interview Gemma. Best luck!

  2. Great interview, Gemma. I like learning more about you. You know I love your Sheikh's of the Golden Triangle seriews.

  3. Rose and Cara, Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments. I'm very late responding as I was away at the time of the interview but I appreciate you both!

  4. Anna, Thanks so much for hosting me!