Sunday 17 June 2012

Meet A Rebel Chieftain

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Exclusive Interview with Rhodri ap Owain, Welsh rebel chieftain from ConqueringPassion.
Date: 1075
Place: The fortress of Cadair Berwyn, Wales

Henry Cavill (Tudors, The Immortals, Superman) is definitely the actor I would choose to play Rhodri.

The Normans are cursing you as a murdering troublemaker. What do you say to that?
I have spent my life making trouble for the Normans. They invaded my country and treat us like dogs. Many are starving while they live like kings.

So in retaliation you’ve kidnapped the wife of a prominent Norman nobleman, as well as her children?
We need the coin their ransom will bring us. Mabelle de Montbryce and her children will not be harmed if her husband pays what we demand.

But you’ve also captured two of her servants?
Yes, her maidservant and her healer, Rhonwen Dda. They were with her when we captured her.

Rhonwen sounds like a Welsh name. Why not let her go if she’s not a Norman?
I cannot. She is a mystical healer whom I’ve come to admire.

Was it you gave Rhonwen the amber beads she wears?
Yes. My mother crafted them.
Amber beads

But you’re betrothed to the woman called Morwenna, aren’t you?
I prefer not to speak about Morwenna...there are problems.

With the shifty Norman soldier I see lurking around with her?
You have the right of it.

Some would say kidnapping a pregnant woman is cowardly.
I did not know Mabelle de Montbryce was expecting a child when we took her.

Now that winter has set in, isn’t there a danger the child may be born here in Wales?
Again, you have the right of it.

It seems your simple plan to kidnap and ransom this woman has become more complicated?
Statue of Arianrhod, Goddess of the Moon and Fertility
I am a Celt, a believer in destiny and I’ve had a dream wherein the goddess Arianrhod revealed the future to me. All will work out in the end.
Definitely the right build for Rhodri!

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